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Tearable Islamic Daily Planner - Snazzy

Tearable Islamic Daily Planner - Snazzy

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Elevate your daily routine with our Tearable Islamic Daily Planner, designed to assist you in organizing your day effectively. Track your daily salah, fasting progress, Quran recitation, adhkar, and more with ease📿. Prioritize your spiritual journey effortlessly with our eye-catching Tearable Islamic Daily Planner. 

Tip💡: For a complete spiritual upgrade, explore our range of Islamic stationery. 

Simple. Uncomplicated. Effective


Undated: Since you fill out the dates yourself, you can begin planning any time of the year! It's okay to give yourself a break on some days. And don't you worry about wasting pages!
Tearable Our Tearables collection liberates you from the hassle of lugging around a bulky planner. Tear off each page and conveniently carry your stylish planner spreads in your pocket. 
Aesthetic Cover Page: We've got you covered – literally! Our Tearables feature stunning cover designs that not only elevate your desk's aesthetics but also keep your plans safe from prying eyes. Say goodbye to worrying about nosy coworkers getting a sneak peek at your plans!
Bleed-free Premium Paper: 100 GSM 

Shipping: Once we receive your order, we start working on it right away! It can take between 4-7 business days to arrive, based on your location.

Size- A5

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