Our Story

Greetings! I'm Fathima Hudha Bedi, the Founder and Managing Partner of Artificient International LLP. Just as I have a deep appreciation for inquisitive minds, I'm equally delighted by your curiosity to learn more about our brand. So here is our story!

In 2020, Artificient embarked on a mission to revolutionize the world of planners and stationery. We took a bold step by introducing India's first affordable planner range at a time when planners were often seen as gimmicky and unnecessarily expensive. As a dedicated planner user since my early school days, I personally understood the frustration of navigating through overwhelming and ineffective planners available in the market.

Driven by the vision to make planners more accessible to young adults who valued functionality over extravagance, we set out to create planners that truly helped people organize their lives. Our initial launch was met with resounding success, with hundreds of copies sold right from the start.

The following year, we took another groundbreaking step by introducing Ramadan planners, a first in Kerala. Our customers loved them, and this positive response only fueled our passion for providing stationery that serves a genuine purpose.
Fast forward three years, and Artificient has evolved from a small business with a loyal fan base into a stationery brand with a strong focus on productivity and spirituality. We've adopted a no-nonsense approach to our stationery, meticulously curating spreads and illustrations to maximize the utility of our products.

But we're not stopping there. Artificient is committed to continuous growth and innovation. We're expanding our product line to bring you unique and thoughtful stationery that ensures a productive and organized lifestyle while nurturing your spirituality and individuality. Our designs aren't just practical; they also add an aesthetic touch to your desk and life.

Welcome to Artificient, where every piece of stationery is designed with your needs in mind, helping you achieve your goals.